pam badly injured

it was cloudy.  i normally hate that.  my mood always get affected by this kind of weather.

being ignorant to that, i put on my best blouse and jeans then immediately left my apartment.  i wanted to go to my moms’ school.  i bought one bundle chocolates for her (and her friends’ too) from langkawi, so i think it would be better if i sent them off as soon as possible i can, otherwise those chocs would end up going thru my damn mouth and be safe in my tummy!  hoho 😛

i drove pam very carefully.  i decided to take the SMART tunnel route to moms’ school to avoid traffic congestion.  but still, at that time around 1400hrs something, the traffic was quite heavy.

i took a glance at the signboards above.  it shows the SMART tunnel must be on the right lane.  so i already adhered to that.

on the next few seconds after that, while i was following the path, it showed that the SMART tunnel signboard was on my most left already!

“what the hell?”  my heart said.

i took the fastest glance while trying to anticipating the distance.  yes.  i’m sure i can still take that exit.  by looking at my distance, i should be able to catch that exit point.  so i looked at the vehicles coming from my left behind and at the same time looking at the way i was made.

one second.

two second.



by the fifth second, there was – in front of me – a road divider, almost at the height of my knee.

this damned divider is hidden by the passing by cars.  if you’re not familiar with the road, you will never expect there will be something awaits you in the front.  and i am very sure, if not because of the busy traffic i could manage to avoid that damned thing.  but looking at the traffic flow on that very second, i only have two choices:  hit divider or evade divider then hit someone’s car.

so i pressed the brake, and closed my eyes and screamed.

i could feel my car went on a rough trail and the noise it made i tell you… very HORRENDOUS.

the car stopped.  on a few second, i was stunned.  i was like…  oh, shit…  did i just smack pam??  and went blur for awhile.  i felt terrible.  in the next second panic attack woke me up.  my hands was shaking.  i quickly grabbed my phone, unlocked it and find charming’s number.  i was about to give him a call…  the moment i saw his smiling picture looking at me, i felt like a pang.  charming’s gone…  how could i didn’t realize it??

oh God.

this felt even worse.  i cried alone in the car.  i was so broken inside.

that was when someone knocked my car’s window.  the towing guy.  i don’t know how the heck he can be there.  i wiped my tears and started searching some names in my phone contact.  the smell of petrol alert me.  no, i don’t think this car gonna blown up.  but thinking about the sound it made when pam ran through along the rough divider triggered an uneasy feeling in me.  no, no…  nothing serious gonna happen.  i will somehow get this towing guy to move pam off here, and pay them and went off, that’s all.  i think nothing serious gonna happen to pam.  it just like…  some scratches at the bottom of pam i hope.  c’mon, i don’t want things happened.

at last i gave a call to my cousin.  he told me to call AAM.  don’t trust the normal towing company who will charge a lot, like… a lot.  so i lowered down the window and told that guy that i am going to call AAM now.  but he insisted that he actually from AAM.  and he showed me his staff ID which proved the same.

i dunno what else should i do.  i am so confused.

then i called my dad.  didn’t pick up.  so i tried my luck calling my second brother.  hope i can asked him to ask my dad to return my call.  he either, was not answered.

okay, called my youngest brother.  he stays with my mom these days, so i think he will manage to come there and accompany me along the process.  but he too, did not pick up my call!


i text my besties.  sharmini and ms. hals.  they tried to calm me down.  then after that i called my dad back again.

this time he picked up my call and i suddenly burst out crying.  all of them tried to make me feel better.  they told me this kind of thing does happened, so just take it easy.

after i managed to calm down, then only i called my mom.  my mom is even easier get panicked than myself.  if i’d call her up and burst, she would have thought the worst thing.

i got out of pam and have a look at her condition.  not even a single scratch, let alone any dents on her hard body.  she looked just fine!  by looking at her, no one would think she just had involved in an accident!

“your gearbox totally damaged.”

haa, there goes.

“anymore?”  i asked.  not knowing a thing about it.

all i know, IF it is a ferrari gearbox, it must be ordered through Naza Italia and that will take roughly about three months to receive it.

“petrol tank broken.”

ahh.  okay.  yayy!

i can feel pam is now looking exactly like me.  outside look strong, but the inside part is damaged.  just like me.

people might see i’m all physically okay.  just that i lose some weights.  but inside, i’m broken since charming gone.  like can’t be fixed anymore.  thank God, pam still can.

so that guy told me they will send pam off to the perodua workshop in ampang after the police report, and from there, it will take roughly around two weeks to complete.  two weeks?  hurm… whatever.  okay~

i don’t know either i was being too pampered or spoiled by charming, but he never approved me driving.  he said my motion is rather slow and i can’t make quick decisions, so how i’m gonna decide things on the road?

he would drove me to places during his offdays.  and he also told me that if he left me driving alone, he would ended up choked his heart up in the air – while he was working.  bad charming!  haha 😀

i can imagine how charming gonna react IF he was here listening to my story about pam.  charming never scolded me when i’d done big mistakes.  so i think he would rather say things like;  “yayy.. u wrecked ur car already…  so what lesson u learnt this time…?”  he always “cheered” me when i did mistakes and asked me to take the consequences out of it so that i can always learnt.  he was a sensible man rather than a punisher.  that’s one of the thing that i love about him…  My forever love.

once again that day, i learnt to become a stronger lady.  and this time, it’s about a car accident.  i will collect these one by one in the absence of charming.  i know it’ll be more to come…  i will survive until i’m back together again with charming…

insya Allah.  God’s willing.

helping pam off that thing.  poor pam!

helping pam off that thing. poor pam!



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