as i wish upon a star

Lying on my bed,

Couldn’t close my eyes,

I couldn’t stand this pain,

I couldn’t hold these lies,

Since I saw you in every corner of my view,

Swallow all my pride and ego, yes,

I miss you…

Walking to my door,

Try to walk out from this pain,

Staring at the moon with the feelings remain,

Yet still I see u everywhere,

Still unchangeable,

Eternity, infinity,

Till I leave this world…

Ahh… Lord, let him forever be by my side,

Then I look up to the sky,

With my hands holding tight,

Still I feel alone, in this glimmering night,

But all my pain gone, when the star shining so bright,

As I stand here,


I close my eyes wishing you were here,

Even you are still so far…




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