RIP Hero…

HERO a.k.a Iyo, malaysian iconic cat died of leukemia

his foreleg was ‘slaughtered’ by some bastard bcoz hero ‘stole’ his fishes in his restaurant. dun wanna tell more.. juz not in the mood…
(am i using proper english? sorry for being sooo blurryyy today) 


another sad day after my lizzy gone… 😥

you can get more stories from the owner blog… click on this picture

kakimotong banner

and some vids:

And to those (especially malaysian) who would want to contribute some monies to Pertubuhan Aktivis Haiwan (HERO), here are some info…

Bank Islam banner 1s

well, being me (juz so you know), dis is juz (absolutely) NOT the way i write.  i wanna write but i’m juz stucked at the moment (these days) to compose nice and ‘flowery’ sentences…  but i do have points to highlight here.  it’s juz dat i’m not into wanting to write.  so call me lazy ass or whatever, HERO still touched my heart…

and again,

24TH NOV 2013




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