RIP cicak a.k.a ‘lizzy’ (5th Nov 13)

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you’ll be missed… 😥


birthday 2013

i’m back blogging!

it’s been like a couple of weeks already after my super busy week!  we had this vessel launching in rotterdam and i was the focal point of contact between KL – rotterdam team.  and last week was my birthday and i went on leave for the whole week…  actually i don’t want any celebration for my birthday this year.  i told (WARNED actually)  to my fave girls that i don’t want anything for this year.  not even a birthday wish… but being my best fren, they still wished, but in a different tone…

sharmini @ 0031hrs
hi gurl… i know u r very sad… 😦  i know u r suffering… but i’ve nothing to say gurl…  coz i know nothing can make u feel better… i dun even know should i wish u or not… but maybe i should just keep quiet…  
be strong… don’t think too much… go sleep.. the more u think the more u hurt…  pls try sleep early yea… 
by the way, remember…  im here with u, gurl…  don’t worry… all be fine… anything just let me know…  just try to be stronger..  charming will never wanna see u very down at this time…  take care yea… nites…

ms. hals @ 0051hrs
pray harder to Allah SWT girl…  be strong…  luv u…

well, yeah.  it never been easy for me.  living life without him is hard, let alone when it comes to special occasion like this.  anyhow, i REALLY love one of his birthday wishes that he sent to me thru SMS two years back:

“happy birthday, princess.  i love you.  don’t worry, you will age gracefully.”

he always told me that.

i don’t wanna feel special on my birthday on 22nd sept last week.  to me, no one can make it special for me.  but that was when nana my niece managed to cheer me up and made me smile!  she sent two voice messages thru whatsapp!  (too bad i can’t copy those in to here!)  the first message goes like:
hello aunty…!  and in the second message, she sang a birthday song for me!  sooo cute..!!  😀 and right after her mom sent the voice messages, she (the mom) told me that nana wanted to do a video call with me…  i think she’s too cute and so sweeeetttt!!! ^___^

well.  i’ve made my birthday wish.  silently in my prayer.  i know i can’t live forever, but i wanna live timelessly.  i hope i will survive days in my life without charming.  because i wanna catch him up in heaven.

insya Allah.  God’s willing.


happy birthday to me

happy birthday to me


First try: blogging via mobile

while writing dis right at dis second, i am far n away almost 300KM up to north kuala lumpur.

one happy news: i am now have another niece! 🙂 SOPHEA ZARA was born on last saturday, 17th august 2013; officially entitled herself to become one of our “princesses sorority” member! 😉 [current members are; myself and adrianna – her diva sister!] haha!

lemme share some moments with you guys..!





by looking at her looks,i can say she resembles a LOT of her sister look, especially the eyes!

now adrianna is already three. i just can’t wait to the moment when i have to struggle with both, carrying one in my arm while piggy-back the other one at my back! 🙂

till then. lots of love from; the favourite aunty ;P