normally, this was Charmings’ routine every year for Eid.  He will give me ‘angpao’ (money in a small envelope – adopt from Chinese custom) since we were friend – means since i was still a college student.  for malay people like me, angpao only be given to students and younger.  someone who’s working like me, and almost hit the THREE O this year, almost dreaming!

the best angpao from him was three years ago.  he gave me angpao in USD bcoz at that time he just back from LAX, and i tell you, it’s a three figures!  so i ended up the money for shopping~ haha!  (sorry, i’m not a good money saver)

this year, sad.  i celebrated eid without Charming.  my first time eid without him.  and more to come…  that reminds me about not getting any duit raya or angpao from him anymore.  it’s not about the money actually.  it’s the value of having the chances to celebrating eid with him.

i thought i’d never ever get any duit raya anymore.  but just now, our procurement manager came to my desk and put a small envelope in front of me.

“it’s your ‘duit raya’…”  he said.
“huhh??  ‘duit raya’??  for me??”
“yeah, for you.”
“are you serious?”
“of course i am…”
“alhamdulillah…  thanks!!”

my lips smiled.  i thought i’d never ever get duit raya anymore~  seems like ‘last year’ isn’t the last year i received angpao!

thanks to mr. khanafiyah!  may prosperity showers you in return 🙂

MYR 20. maybe just a small amount, but it is the thought that count! :)

my duit raya. MYR 20. maybe just a small amount, but it is the thought that count! 🙂