langkawi 2013: one nite spent ;)

..girl's day out..

..girl’s day out..

i took the whole week off last week.  i’m sorta tired, probably of life – but  maybe it is more sensible for me to say it was my work dat drained me out…  i thanked God dat my boss approved my leaves even though every one was really busy about the launching event in rotterdam on the week dat i went on leave.

i have been to langkawi three or two years ago.  first, i went with sharmini and another colleague of ours named mas.  later, i went the second time with ms. hals plus few of his girl frens.  so basically, i have covered 85% of langkawi.  when i went with sharmini and mas, we’ve been to:

–  cable car (even though i’m scared of height!)
–  underwater world langkawi (can’t beat aquaria! not worth going)
–  snorkelling  (perhentian island is better)
–  telaga harbour (i loveee the view of the jetty but nothing much there!)
–  pantai kok (can’t remember what we did, but the scenery was great)

then, when was with ms. hals & co., we covered:

–  makam mahsuri (mahsuri tomb)
–  tanjung rhu (really enjoyed the lunch + nice scenery)
–  ferry ride from jetty kuala kedah to langkawi (we managed to get into the captain deck and i managed to take over and sailed the ferry! haha)
–  erm… can’t remember which other place we went…
–  can’t remember…

so dis third time, i have planned a very short vacation for the island hopping!  and yes…  it was just a ONE night vacation!

sharmini came to my house to sleep over bcoz technically it is such a shorter distance to go to the airport from my house.  but, we end up sleeping at 2am in the morning bcoz we had took a longggg time to sort out what clothes to wear with which, and what to wear for when…  haihhss!  well, it’s a girls’ thing!

i set my alarm on my iphone at 0430hrs bcoz we had our flight as early as 0730hrs in the morning.  but somehow, me being too tired, i snoozed my alarm and it woke me up like… half an hour after that!

we rushed off from the house, and i drove and left pam at putrajaya/cyberjaya ERL station car park, and got into the taxi down there straight up headed to the airport.  on our way to airport, i felt quite calm.  i think we will managed to catch the flight without hassles and at last we reached the airport around 0645-0655hrs or before 0700hrs.

and you know what happened?

we did NOT manage to check in.  bcoz we were LATE for five minutes.


the fucking lady (that can’t be negotiated at all) at the check in counter said the fucking system was already fucking closed by the time.  and we had no fucking choice other than to buy another fucking tickets.  and that cost us RM192 compared to the promo price we bought at RM73.  what a fucking day caused by a five-fucking-minutes.

i’d enuff cursing.

so we managed to get a new ticket flight at 1000hrs and reached langkawi at 1100hrs.

i felt better when we entered the langkawi international airports.  we picked up our rental car and straight away went to jetty point, kuah to find island hopping package.

while we waiting for the trip, me and sharmini went to KFC to have our lunch.  we were approached by this pakistani uncle selling ‘bismillah‘ stickers which i refused to buy.  i gently apologise to say no, and he seemed very positive about it and said something to me:

uncle:  are you doing modelling or something?
me:  owh, no… (princesses’ smile)
uncle:  you look young…
me:  thank you…  (maintained the smile)
uncle:  are you 23?
me:  exactly….  (still the same smile plus charming looks and nodded. haha 😛 )
then, he gave salam and went off… 😀

well, back to the island hopping story…  we left jetty around 1430hrs something, and there was where i found harrith and his peruvian friend which i’ve forgotten his name!  huhu…  quite unique laa his name… dat’s why i cud not remember well…  sharmini thought it was ‘perak’ which she actually realized it was ‘peru’ before she sempat asking ‘which part of perak you’re from?’  hahahha 😀  and yeah, the peru guy looks like malay so we thought he’s malaysian.

so, the first place dat abang boat brought us was to tasik dayang bunting (lake of the pregnant maiden) which is a freshwater lake surrounded by the sea.  very greenery place/view plus a bit rocky and we have to hike lotsa ladders before we can really got into the middle of the lake.  we can swim at the lake, but just be reminded that the lake is very deep.  it is believed dat women who can’t conceive will have possibilities of having so after swam into this lake.  😉  anyone?

well then, that abang boat fetched us and brought to…  pulau something dat i can’t recall the name.  i think it’s pulau singa besar kot, for eagle feeding…

then the last pulau or island we went was ‘island something’.  also forgot.  oh my goddd so very uninformative ritee!  but seriously i can’t remember the name.  pulau besar or ‘big island’ maybe… now it sounds like honolulu to me! huhu…

but here are some piccis to share!





approaching the airport






MH aircraft landing at the runway

MH aircraft landing at the runway

now i’m thinking of spending one whole week in langkawi.  i mean, for next year trip.  bcoz i don’t have enough annual leaves left to allocate for that dis year!  huhuhuuu T__T