First try: blogging via mobile

while writing dis right at dis second, i am far n away almost 300KM up to north kuala lumpur.

one happy news: i am now have another niece! 🙂 SOPHEA ZARA was born on last saturday, 17th august 2013; officially entitled herself to become one of our “princesses sorority” member! 😉 [current members are; myself and adrianna – her diva sister!] haha!

lemme share some moments with you guys..!





by looking at her looks,i can say she resembles a LOT of her sister look, especially the eyes!

now adrianna is already three. i just can’t wait to the moment when i have to struggle with both, carrying one in my arm while piggy-back the other one at my back! 🙂

till then. lots of love from; the favourite aunty ;P