Health Projects: Vit C booster!

the doc (who gave me the medical cert. last monday) was rite.  i’m having flu – without even realizing it.  huhu~  mild one actually.  not like i sneeze for every five minutes.  thus, he gave me two types of flu medication.  first one, is the non-drowsy called clarityne 10mg/tab.  and the other one is sominex.  it’s  pink in color and smaller than clarityne but the side effect (drowsiness) is stronger.  alternatively, i also take vitamin c tablet which i bought from the pharmacy.

speaking about ‘alternative’ way to cure the cold, my mind suddenly shoot about the juice making project dat i started to make since two weeks ago.  the immediate effect i can see from it, i have regular bowel movement and it gives relief of constipation.  besides that, it also expels the wind from body.  dis time, since i have the colds, i decided to make a vitamin c booster !  yea buddy! 😀

i always have the thought dat everything (fruits) in yellow, is a source of vitamin c.  so i went to carrefour last nite and bought  fruits. let us see what benefits we can reap from these fruits!

celery, orange, mango, lemon and some mint leaves

celery, orange, mango, lemon and some mint leaves

i poured a little bit sugar and in this case, i used two sachet of low calorie sugar

i poured a little bit sugar and in this case, i used two sachet of low calorie sugar

there goes my vit c booster ready to blend!  i also added some mint leaves to add the taste

there goes my vit c booster ready to blend! i also added some mint leaves to add the taste

a main target ingredient for dis project.  the benefit of celery has already discussed and revealed on my last health projects entry.

i always remove these strings off to get smoother texture

i always remove these strings off to get a smoother texture of celery juice

i never ever know ‘they’ (maybe researchers) called dis as a ‘king of fruit’!  for malaysian it was always durian! 🙂  these are why mango is being called the king of fruit:
1)  Mangoes are one of the richest sources of vitamin A and vitamin C.
2)  100g mango provide Around 50 percent of daily vitamin C and A.
3)  Good amount of dietary fibre (60 percent insoluble fiber, and 40 percent soluble fiber)
4)  Lipid and Blood Glucose Lowering Effect.
5)  Anti cancer.
6)  help keep the immune system healthy and strong.
7)  to promote good eyesight.  (yeah, for me!)
8)  help to maintain the alkalinity of the body.
9)  enzymes and the fiber in mango helps in digestion and elimination.
10)  the raw mango acts as a coolant in summers.   (anyone going to hawaii?? haha)
11)  helps in relaxing effects.
12)  metabolically healthful effect.

source from:  mango health benefits

 so dat’s for mango.  surprisingly, i found this one article saying that orange have fourty (wow!) benefits as follow:



hmm... yummy!

hmm… yummy!

1 – filter the blood and kill the worm syrup and wholesome.
2 – Orange juice removes fever, kill it and help to fall in temperature caused by fever.
3 – Expels phlegm and useful to clean the pharynx and larynx.
4 – Diuretic and detergent for college and the bladder.
5 – Laxative and removes waste of the stomach and intestines and cleans.
6 – Orange helps to heal wounds and to cure skin diseases and is useful for high blood pressure.
7 – Strengthens the stomach and strengthens the teeth and removes some of the diseases of the gums in the mouth and heartbreaking items in the gravel and sand expelled from the body.
8 – Orange juice and tonic and appetizer, especially for those who complain of anemia
9 – Strengthens the nerves, heart, hypnotic and calming and relaxing for the brain.
10 – Orange strengthens bones and nails, hair and teeth and reduces the percentage of fat (cholesterol).
11 – Regulating the process of the human respiratory tract.
12 – An anti-cough and influenza.
13 – Orange helps to expel gas.
14 – Orange regulating the work of muscles and veins.
15 – Against sexually transmitted diseases and HIV smooth and some venereal diseases.
16 – Is useful for skin diseases and scabies.
17 – Useful for tumors of the uterus, ovaries, and urinary tract and prostate.
18 – Useful for cases of vomiting
19 – Orange useful for tumors, arthritis, gout, Alrmatesm and hardening of the arteries.
20 – Helps to remove the effects of poisoning as a result of the use of chemical medicines.
21 – Strengthen the nervous system and digestive system and is useful in the treatment of tumors of the seat and hemorrhoids.
22 – prevent a lot of cancers.
23 – orange juice and useful for diseases of typhoid.
24 – is useful for people with colds and the flu. <– (me, me!! 😀 )
25 – Agent Orange is useful to eliminate some of the candidates to the reproductive system in women syrup and useful and compensates for the mother’s milk.
26 – a useful and beneficial, and perfumed with the Authority. (uhuh??)
27 – orange good drug and is useful to remove the gums and mouth sores.
28 – Useful for diabetics.  The orange juice is useful for the treatment of diabetic patients.
29 – After washing and orange peel (dried), so that can be milled in the mill electrical Kalboudr a good benefit for use with milk or when making work and Custard (Alcastr) or the work of sweets, cakes and Kmatr substitute for vanilla, a benefit for the stomach gas … And has a good flavor and a natural fragrance and color.
32 – According to the large French flag (Ms. Rando Osé) President of the Foundation Food Hygiene to the presence of acid and a natural chemical in the orange juice is very useful for the body and provide heat and provide vitality and activity to it.

33 – of fruits useful for adults and young people and children especially in the winter and is useful for indigestion, and stated in the books (old) that China is the origin of the fruit orange?!
34 – Wrote a Chinese year AD 1178 there are 27 types of oranges, some without seeds (nuclei).
35 – Considered the Chinese symbol of happiness and orange Persians said that it is better tree worthy of paradise in the Hereafter.
36 – Last used nowadays many orange flowers (Tinderbox) and Tigana fragrances for brides.
37 – That the characteristics and benefits of orange fruit and the many benefits in the treatment and cure of up to a degree which makes us say that a crate (carton) orange in the house even more than the equivalent natural pharmacy in the treatment of diseases and instrumental in healing.
38 – Advised mothers of young children for the safety of their health and time feeding their children an orange or a cup of orange juice instead of chocolate or some sweets harmful.
39 – The wondrous and mentioned that on the island of Fernandobo Africa there is an orange-sized equivalent to the size ofWe have found orange five times or more a sweet taste and a lot of water.
40 – sweet mix orange juice with a little honey is very beneficial and useful as food for small and equivalent to breast milk.

credit to: iman assal website

1) strong antibacterial, antiviral, and immune-boosting powers
2)  weight loss aid because lemon juice is a digestive aid and liver cleanser.
3) promote immunity and fight infection because lemon
contain many substances–notably citric acid, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, bioflavonoids, pectin, and limonene.

so this is the end result:

wanna some? ;)

wanna some? 😉

very yellowish! 🙂
you can see the first, i put half glass of plain water to blend the mixture together.  but it turned like very fibrous, almost looked like a smoothie so i end up putting one full glass!  if you love it thick, maybe you can go half the cup…

and this, is my morning juice tomorrow.  gonna keep it in the refridgerator ❤ yayy!!

Fresh juice..!! yea buddy ;)

Fresh juice..!! yea buddy 😉