when i’m no good~

okay. whatever you would think of this.

i “decided” to go on medical leave today.  sick?  no.  i’m sure i’m not sick.  i’m just no good.

to start with, it was almost midnite when i reached home last nite.  300KM journey just ended.  i felt so tired so i didn’t bother to decide what should i wear for work tomorrow (which is today), and i crashed myself on the bed right away.

dis morning, after i dressed up, still my heart refused to go to work.  i’m still tired.   (plus ‘monday-blues’ virus).  i wish i can have more rest!!  but my heart said:  no, no, no, i should go work!!  so, what my heart said.  i went out of the house, walking toward my car.

when my feet touched the ground, i felt something.  an uneasy feeling.  it was my shoe, though.  a flat metalic gold peeping toe pump, which, to tell you the truth is already worn out.  i think last nite was raining.  water spots were everywhere, and that made my feet cold and somehow; wet.  i took a look at the bottom part of my shoe, and there the shoe out sole has already cracked.

i’m a woman, you know.
i have one full rack of shoes (but always end up wearing the same “favourite shoe” to work).  dis morning, i was at my mom’s place.  i just have whatever shoe i wear.  i didn’t have spare.  thoughts coming up…

how should i go to work with this shoe?  do you mean to force me to go to office and somehow look like a lost witch failed in finding her way home last nite in front of my handsome boss?  (well, i didn’t mention about my so-so dress that i left at my mom’s house a couple of years ago~)  plus…  yes, i’m tired still actually.

around 9AM today, i was in the clinic.  i have told my boss and my assistant that i’m on a medical leave today.  but the truth; i haven’t got the medical slip yet!  well, i’m sure they’ll give one to me.  i believe i’m gonna get one.

it’s been like four months since my last MC a.k.a medical leave.  the last one i got – the doc gave me a couple of days just to rest.  at that time, i was still struggling to get on my feet after Charming died on the earlier month.  but today, i’m going to use the same lame excuse.  menstrual pain.  i think that’s the simplest excuse i can tell – or lie, to be exact.

inside the doc’s room, i was a little bit puzzled when the doc said i’ve got a little bit of ‘feverish’.  and that my throat reddened a bit.  so the conclusion is; a part from the menstrual pain, i also got fever and some outbreak at my throat.  owh thank God!  at least i wasn’t really cheating!  well, i told ya i’m no good~  haha ;P

at the reception counter, the nurse gave me this, based on the doc prescription:

yeah, i'm no sick.  so these meds are sarcasm or what??  haha

yeah, i’m no sick. so these meds are sarcasm or what?? haha

oh my gawd.  is the doc being exaggerating or what??  ahh~  as long as i’ve got the medical slip!  hehe 😀